Crystal Coast Wireless and Video Solutions is a high end WIFI and cabling installer for residential and commercial applications.       We also host web sites for clients as well as consult on very high end computing solutions using such technologies as VMWare, Linux clusters, configuration management and web hosting solutions.

The founder Lucas Hassing has a very technical background amassing 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies to architect the infrastructure that makes some of the largest websites run.   Wireless solutions are his passion and he wishes to do this full time around the Crystal Coast (Morehead City, Beaufort, Down East, Emerald Isle, Newport, Havelock, Newbern, Jacksonville, Swansboro).   He will of course consult on basically anything computer related.  See his resumes here for all options:  Resume      Previous Job Duties

With more and more and devices becoming online and WIFI only, the WIFI gear commonly found at Best Buy or those provided by your Internet Service Provider just no longer cut it.   Netgear, Belkin, Linksys.. these are all the low end devices that just can’t handle the demands of today’s households.     TV’s streaming, IPads, Phones, and Laptops, these devices  are not able to accommodate the multitudes of connections and data transfer.   This is where CCWAVS comes in to custom design a solution to handle all your needs.