One of the first jobs that CCWAVS has taken, this job was for providing WIFI to a large residential home for indoors and outdoors in the Morehead City Mariner’s Pointe neighborhood.

It was very important to work with the builder and do the pre-wiring as this would not have been able to be accomplished without doing so.   There are tricks that the WIFI installer could have done after wards, but they will always have less performance.

Working with the builder we installed a structured home wiring can and ran CAT5 and COAX to all rooms.

Additionally, we ran 3 CAT5 cables for Access points to locations on each floor that would maximize the WIFI signal, as well as 1 CAT5 cable to the outdoor kitchen.   The Access points are powered by Power Over Ethernet (POE). This means we do not need to plug them in to a wall socket for power.

We utilized all Ubiquiti gear for the Wifi and Internet access and CCWAVS is currently monitoring the installation thanks to the CloudKey.

Couple of the pre-cleanup pictures:


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